Simple Rules yet Binding!

All applicants are expected to be 10+, have basic war capabilities and experience, and common-sense clan knowledge. Don’t be a hopper – trolling and racist behavior are not tolerated here. Looking for dedicated players to participate in high level wars on a regular basis. FairPlay only.

Basic Clan Rules

As part of the Cobra Elite clan, we are bound by the following some basic rules:

★ Be active in chat. Communicate in English so everyone can understand.
★ No spamming, cursing, swearing and fighting among clan members.
★ Non-active members will be kicked. Therefore, be sure to request a lot :) !

Clan Donation Rules

★ Minimum level for donation is 3 (ex. level 3 archers/giants). Dragons are generally preferred. Be sure to follow request instruction. More info below.
★ Upon reaching 200 donations, you are eligible to request for specific troops like dragons and expensive dark troops. This resets every season.
★ You must not join, request troops and leave again – we do not tolerate that.

Other Miscellaneous Rules

★ During clan trophy push, do not drop trophy on purpose until trophy push has ended. Non-participants may get kicked (or possibly banned).
★ Participate in clan wars if you are eligible. Failure to participate will result in suspension (or ban).
★ Clan hopping may result in suspension. We do not encourage hopping.
★ No asking for promotion to elder and co-leader. Making such request could result in warning and finally expulsion from clan.


If you meet above requirements and willing to follow it, then we will be more than happy to invite you in Cobra Elite family. You must be an active player – you must play at least twice a week although we would recommend you to be on every day, even if it’s just to do a couple of raids and attack in war. Just press JOIN US button below, fill a small form and ignite yourself to join our clan.


(+91) 797 467-2533


Minaal Residency
Ayodhya Bypass Road, Bhopal, MP
India - 462010