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The clan was founded in December 25, 2016.

In the winter of 25 December,2016, Cobra Elite was born. When everybody was busy celebrating CHRISTMAS, 2 individuals thought of making clan and layed the basis of the clan. Back then, the founders had no idea what the clan would become. They just knew they wanted to make great clan that people would remember for years. To do so, they would have to face many hardships and competetors. But they managed and did it.

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A Truely International Clan

With clashers from Australia, USA, Argentina, Finland, Denmark
makes Cobra Elite truely INTERNATIONAL CLAN. Another advantage is that it never sleeps, making it highly active clan.

Created with Raphaël 2.1.2

Thank You
For visiting our website

On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank everyone for playing and contributing to the awesome Clash Of Clans!

We want to shout out our biggest thanks to all of you for helping us create Cobra Elite, a massive clan with a bagful of memorable moments!

Thank you again for all the good times!

Best Regards,
Cobra Team

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Cobra Elite members also shares its playing skill to make everyone
perfect and master in Clash Of Clans through the news.

Hmm... Sorry No news at the moment.We are working on it. This section is still under construction. Since its add-on so we can't tell the exact time of completion. I would not like to say, but it can take month's or probably years to complete. But never-the-less ,Clash On.


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